Software Products

We have a tested and stable products applied since 5 years.
Our major products are Business Management System (ClayDo), Learning Management System (LMS)
Inventory Management System

Custom solutions

We can provide a full software solutions; Desktop, Web, Mobile and Integrated solutions.
With our varied team's experience in Web developement and mobile applications,
we promise to give you a unique solution for your business


Be clear with yourself to remove the inaccuracy during the project.
Make proper communication with the us as and when required.
Increase your team experience by adding our experience to yours

Professional Services

We are providing Project managment and Business analysis services.
In project managment we have long experience in PMI and Agile
And in BA we can understand your requirments and provide you with analysing documents

5 years of progress and achievement

Understanding your actual needs

We are glad to supply our partners and clients a stable and dynamic products since 5 years
Strating with Basrah Health Directorate in Iraq going most Arab countries we've provided many clients with our services (Websites, Portals, Mobile apps, Enterprise solutions)

Business Management System


ClayDo helps organizations to Archive and Manage their documents in an electronic format and automate their business process electronically.
Our BMS contains 3 main modules: Archiving; Workflow; and Electronic forms.
ClayDoIs very flixable and dynamic to help you to make any form, folder, structure and workflows you need through admin settings.

Delta Network Professional


Mirage Business Solutions


GOFORSYS - System that matters


If you have any quiries please feel free to contact us on mobile and Whats App:

(Jordan) +962-79-6736326